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    Raidy Boer

    Step with world fashion


    Introduction to the Brand

            Raidy Boer is an international proprietary brand of Raidy Boer Garment Co., Ltd.

            It is developed by an international team (designers and visual merchandisers), registered in China, Israel, Korea, Lebanon, etc. and protected by the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks. It is sold in over 20 countries, including Italy, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and so on.

            The business process of Raidy Boer was commonly developed by designers from Biella, Italy and the R&D team of China, products under the brand are manufactured by professional OEMs at the coastal area of China, and the global marketing is managed by a brand operation team stationed at Chengdu, China.

            Since 2006, the brand has participated in PITTI UOMO Florence, the most professional and authoritative menswear tradeshow in the world, twice a year. Raidy Boer does not just cling to the Italian style, but also absorbs advanced cultures and fashion trends all over the world. Through design and R&D with the cutting-edge equipment and strict quality management, products of high quality are realized, thus the intrinsic value of the brand is increasing continuously. Hence, a stronger support of intrinsic value is provided to the public in terms of product purchasing. The brand is aimed to promote the basic orientation of refined quality life and establish the concept that the far-reaching significance of brand internationalization lies in the internationalization of domestic industry.

    Latest Products
    Description of products for 2013 spring and summer

            According to the international trend and the historic origin of menswear, the model of business elite menswear is of western European tradition, especially the European style represented by Italian menswear. The initiative thinking on aesthetic quality and personally exploration has made Italy be on the cutting edge of the world's menswear fashion industry and have influence on the development trend of menswear. All these elements have contributed to the Italian style positioning and international cooperation of Raidy Boer.

            Change of garments in terms of style characteristics is very limited, however, the style characteristics can be given with many meanings, and various demands and the continuously changing attitude on dressing can be satisfied through the conceptual change of garments. Therefore, the central idea of the brand operation is to put more "added value" into products, thus to satisfy the expectation and imagination of consumers. In order to overcome the homogenization of current menswear brands in China, we closely cooperate with the design resources of Italy to take the Italian Renaissance and the post-World-War-II "Italian design" as the sources of inspiration and incorporate the Italian style into each design philosophy, especially the architectural art and urban style during the Renaissance has contributed to our acute color collection. A rationalism style vision and touch quality is formed by integrating the ancient art with the modern science and culture as well as incorporating into products, imposing an impression of casual elegance and understated magnificence. "Functionalism" has become increasingly gentler in the hands of Italian. The art concept integrated with fashion and practical value has become the pabulum of Raidy Boer's consumers.

            Fabrics and trimmings: popular, novel and high-tech fabrics and self-developed special trimmings and accessories are used; the through follow-up and monitoring of quality is ensured by the unique processing technique and design and the advanced equipment, thus established the high intrinsic quality of Raidy Boer.

            During terminal exhibition, we exhibit the ancient architectural styled image with the artistic products, enabling consumers to feel the perfect harmony between art and fashion.

            The product design theme of Raidy Boer for 2013 spring and summer is inspired by the ancient history and culture of Italy and the living concept of traditional nobles, to reflect the ability of the natural Tuscany and Sardegna Series to conciliate the contradiction of life stress and constrains and to build people's hopes through the natural colors and materials, thus integrating with the environment and displaying people's desire for nature.

            Porto Cervo and Siena Series are the description of ancient Italian noble life and modern sporting life, narrate the substitution of traditional sports by modern sports, and promote the healthy life style with exciting sports. The hopes for freedom and nature enjoyment are evoked by the Tuscany and Sardegna Series, and the pursuit for healthy life is inspired by the Porto Cervo and Siena Series, making a chapter for the fashion of Raidy Boer in 2013 spring and summer.

    International Team

    Ettore Veronese
    /Chief Designer
    Ettore Veronese
    He had made many international brands to give off brilliant light. His experience of studying from the founder of Cerruti 1881, Nino Cerruti, had inspired his enthusiasm and inspiration for fashion design. Over 30 years' design career also makes him know the marrow of fashion art. Mr. Veronese's presence has injected an international style into the brand, and he fully deserves the title of "Conveyor" of Raidy Boer.

    /Fashion Coordinator
    His rich experiences in working for many top international brands such as Armani, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. have enabled him with precise artistic insight and unique aesthetic judgment. With his extraordinary ability in "product configuration and image display", he rushes about famous fashion shows around the world throughout the year. Mr. Bollani just has such magic power to make you stop and immerse in Raidy Boer's stores and forget to leave.

    Mr. Ponti used to be the image designer of Louis Vuitton and had worked for many international brands all over the world. His arrival has injected rich and diversified international elements into our brand. Standing on shoulders of giants allow us to see more.
    Sales Network

    Overseas sales distribution of Raidy Boer
    Germany: Frankfurt, Schwandorf
    Greece:Kamus Cina, Peristéri
    Czech Republic:Prague
    Russia:Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amur Oblast, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Kazan, Rostov, Sochi, Chelyabinsk
    Ukraine:Kiev, Donetsk
    New Zealand:Auckland
    South Africa:Johannesburg
    India:New Delhi

    Distribution of Raidy Boer stores in China:
    Shanghai: Pudong Airport Store, Zhaojiabin Road Store at Hui Jin Department Store   Zhejiang: Hangzhou Tower Store, Hangzhou Yintai Store   Jiangsu: Nanjing Golden Eagle Store, Yixing Springland Store, Changzhou Golden Eagle Store   Guangdong: Guangzhou Friendship Store – Guojin Store, Guangzhou Grandbuy – Beijing Road Store   Hainan: Haikou S&S International Shopping Center Store   Guangxi: Guilin Niko Niko Do Plaza - Zhongshan Road Store, Nanning Dream Island Crystal City – Jinhu Road Store   Heilongjiang: Harbin Nangang Songlei Store, Zhaoyuan Store   Liaoning: Shenyang Zhongxing Taiyuan North Street Store, Shenyang Xinmate – Xiaodong Road Store, Shenyang Tiexi Xinmate – Xinghua Store.   Jilin: Jilin Store, Jilin Baicheng Store   Inner Mongolia: Manzhouli Friendship Store, Bayannur Urad Front Banner Store   Shandong: Jinan Inzone – Bayi Store and Yuhan Store, Qingdao AEON (formerly JUSTO) Store   Hubei: Wuhan International Plaza Store, Xiaogan Store, En Shi Zhengzhong Times Square Store, Xianning Store   Hunan: Changsha Huanghua Airport Store, Changsha Friendship Mall Store, Changsha Apollo Store, Changsha Gaoqiao Store, Changsha Apollo Outlets Store, Chenzhou Integrated Store, Yiyang Store   Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: Uygur Friendship Building Store   Gansu: Linxia Store   Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region: store at Yinchuan Xinhua Department Store   Yunan: Chuxiong Longjiang Road Store, Dali Store, Lijiang Store, Mengzi Store, Qujing Xiaoxiang Times Square Store, Wenshan Store, Yuxi Store, Xuanwei Store   Tibet Autonomous Region: Lhasa Deji Road Store, Lhasa Yutuo Road Store, Lhasa Baiyi Mall Store, Lhasa Beijing Road Three-in-One Store, Changdu Store   Chongqing: Chongqing New Century Jiefangbei Commercial Building Store, Chongqing Yanghe East Road Store, Nanping Store, Beibei Zhongshan Road Store, Yubei Lianglu Store, Xiushan Store   Sichuan: Shuangliu Airport – Chengdu Fashion Store, Chengdu Xiaojiahe Store, Chengdu Jinsha Store, Chengdu Jiaoda Store, Leshan Franchised Store, Nanchong Franchised Store, Shuangliu Store......

    Add: No. 199, Second Section of Xinhua Road, Haixia Science Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu  Zip:610000  Tel:028-82669999                 蜀ICP備13002616號-2

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